If you have not read the post below, read it. There are some good things in there:


This is one of the areas that will explode (Alexa / Google home is just a start) in near future and there will be a lot of opportunities for innovation. Here is what I got out of this.

When I wrote about Multiple Founder, Multiple Cultures post on LinkedIn (link at the bottom), I got some questions in the comments and in private messages. So, I decided to sit down and journal about those? What would I do? Here are some of those thoughts.

Regression to mediocrity (mean) - why corporations stop innovating.

Regression to mean (mediocrity) is a well known statistical phenomenon. Basically, almost everything regresses to mean over periods of time. I wondered for a while if this applies to corporations as well- specifically when it comes to innovation.

It is now mostly established that eventually most big corporations stop innovating, specifically around their highest grossing products. If the product is successful, generally the corporation wants to sell more of it and thus requires increasing its team size to achieve that. To support every function required, it hires teams for each function…

Take my pain away please at my most vulnerable moments.

My Toyota Prius was rear ended last weekend, damaging all of its back part and making it pretty much non drivable. The frustration, the stress and the time wasted going through that event made me look for a solution, which I did not find. Here is what I thought I needed (you can read the whole back story below the service I imagine I needed) :

While there are some indications in last few years of trying to unbundle home sale process — with introduction of limited service agreements, the whole process is still mostly being managed by real estate brokers / agents. Yes, they collaborate with other service specialists (closing agents, inspection, staging etc), but the real estate agent still ends up being the know all / do all, getting biggest share of the commission for listing, marketing, contract negotiation etc.

Lets take a typical transaction in Northern Virginia today. With home prices on average at around $500K (https://www.zillow.com/fairfax-county-va/home-values/), the commission check for Real Estate…

Owning a car is quite stressful experience. Yes, driving is stressful, unless you are driving on a rural highway in open car with no police in sight :). Car ownership requires so much time, not to mention the money. To own a car today, you must go through routine maintenance, unplanned maintenance, yearly inspections, registration, taxes, accident repairs, towing, flat tire, windshield mishaps, battery problems, losing keys, forgetting to fuel / charge, cleaning, insurance, selling and buying, and may be few others that I can’t keep track of. These are individual events requiring reminders, time, money, brain cells, and sometimes…

Lokesh Kumar

Long time technology executive with extensive experience in various fields and organizations, including currently being cofounder of Urgent.ly.

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