Conversational AI is exploding

If you have not read the post below, read it. There are some good things in there:

This is one of the areas that will explode (Alexa / Google home is just a start) in near future and there will be a lot of opportunities for innovation. Here is what I got out of this.

  1. Domain specific voice bots would emerge, which could mean that apps on the phone are basically gone. You could converse with a business just by invoking it using its unique wake up name — for example — Hey Pizzahut (which would invoke Pizzahut voice bot), where is my pizza?
  2. Voice bots get emotion sensors (using hidden cameras) and use that to engage in more human like conversations.
  3. Voice shows up everywhere — examples include elevators in hotels, door opening at home (match the voice print with some spoken pin code). COVID-19 has helped speed this up.
  4. I see kids playing Playstation games with their friends, using FaceTime on their phone to communicate while playing. This could change as playstation remotes (in their hands) could have voice agents in them, enabling conversation with their friends, and game experts for cues.
  5. Dialogflow and the associated SAF (Speech Analysis Framework) stack is already very powerful. Today Google’s NLP engines can connect to FAQs, articles, extract important information from documents for Agent Assist. This will continue to expand to not just various domains, but also other types of knowledge sources. Amazon also announced similar stack in the last reinvent conference.
  6. Talking / whispering to my watch is much easier while walking, driving etc, for all kinds of use cases.
  7. My digital twin will be so realistic in communicating on my behalf that no one will notice the difference and when I take over the conversation.

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